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RX 20 u

RX 20 u

Ref: RX20u

At Autolawncare, we feel it important to offer the very best in Automated Lawn Care. The new RX20u is designed with smaller gardens in mind. This model is suitable to compex gardens up to 200m2 (and has a maximum lawn size of 300m2; if the lawn is flat and level, a simple rectangular shape, no obstacles or islands, no additional zones, no inactive time set, and modest lawn growing pace).

While the RX12u runs on a 'Press To Go' system, the RX20u can be programmed with a weelky schedule so the mower automatically leaves its charging station, mows the lawn and retruns to recharge, all without you lifting a finger.

Despite being a small, this mower is packed with features including a solid stainless steel blade and floating cutter deck, allowing effortless cutting and following the countours of your lawn exactly.

RX 20u
Recommended Lawn Size: 20 m²
Max Lawn Size: 300 m²
Cutting Width: 18 cm
2 Years warranty

RX specifications


  • Mowing width: 18 cm
  • Mowing height: 15-45 mm
  • Mowing Power: 100 watts
  • Average work time: 90-120 min
  • Slopes: 15% (8.5°)


  • Battery type:Lead acid
  • Battery capacity:7.0 ah
  • Charging time:16-20 hours


  • Colour: Green
  • Base station: Yes
  • Edge cutting: Yes
  • Floating Deck: Yes
  • Modular Design: Yes
  • Child lock: Yes
  • External base: Yes
  • Robohome: No
  • Smartmow: No
  • Turbomow: No
  • Rain Sensor: No
  • Brushless Motors: No
  • Noise Level: Eco mode: 64 db high load: measured – 67.9 db guaranteed – 69 db


  • Size: 53 x 42 x 26 cm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
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RRP: £849.00
Price: £699.00
You save £150.00 (18%)


Available within 1-2 working days

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